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Have you taken the time to decide what should happen to you, your home, bank accounts, cars, and other assets, if you are severely injured, ill, or pass away unexpectedly? If you don't have a comprehensive, updated Estate Plan, the State of California may decide what will happen to you and your property in the event you are unable to make those decisions yourself. Being unprepared when the worst happens could also increase the burden to your family. A properly executed and maintained Estate Plan can reduce taxes and avoid the costs and lengthy delays of probate. Here is how we can help you:
Customized to Suit Your Needs
At the Law Offices of Romy S. Rahmanian, we take pride in providing each and every client with a custom Estate Plan, prepared by a qualified attorney, which suits their specific needs. We take the time to plan not only for your life and estate, but also for your family's life in the event you cannot. We will assist you with various aspects of Estate Planning such as:

 •  Living trusts
 •  Last will and testaments
 •  Incapacity planning
 •  Wealth transfer planning
 •  Charitable giving

We will work closely with you to ensure that your Estate Plan reflects your wishes and that you fully understand how your estate plan works. At the Law Offices of Romy S. Rahmanian, we help guide you through the estate planning process, so that you can make informed decisions. We take the time to first learn and then appreciate your hopes, dreams, and concerns for your family during your life, and ensure for their care long after your death. Our customized attention to detail allows us to draft individually tailored Estate Plans structured around your unique wishes for your family, taking into consideration the differences each family has. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. Please call (626) 869-8787.
Our services are much more affordable than most other attorneys. This is because our office is devoted to making quality Estate Planning services accessible to all individuals and families, no matter the size of the estate.
We make the process of putting together a comprehensive Estate Plan simple and straightforward. We come to you. We maintain excellent communication and make ourselves available to answer all of your questions, so that you're comfortable with your Estate Plan.
At the Law Offices of Romy S. Rahmanian, we strive to develop a lifelong relationship with you and your family in order to help ease the transition of your property from you to your family after you are no longer with us. For more information, contact us to schedule a free initial consultation. We represent people throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles.
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